1850 Census - Richmond County, NC
Wolf Pit District

Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in Wolf Pitt District in the County of Richmond, State of N. Carolina enumerated by me, on the 30th day of August 1850. John M. Dockery, Ass't Marshal.
Dwelling house #378
Caloway Hodges, 35m, farmer, SC
Luce Hodges, 25f, SC
Campbell Hodges, 8m, NC
Martin Hodges, 6m, NC
Eliza Hodges, 2f, NC
Ann Hodges, 6/12f, NC

Stephen Gibson, 43m, farmer, NC
Lucy Gibson, 40f, SC
Noah Gibson, 18m, laborer, NC
Elizabeth Gibson, 15f, NC
John Gibson, 12m, NC
Caroline Gibson, 10f, NC
Rebecca Gibson, 6f, NC
Durly Gibson, 4m, NC  (Darby)
Ann Gibson, 1f, NC

John Lavine, 58m, mulatto, insane, SC
Mary Lavine, 40f, SC
Marshal Lavine, 26m, mulatto, laborer, SC
John Lavine, 19m, mulatto, laborer, SC
Ellis Lavine, 17m, mulatto, idiot, SC
Mary Lavine, 15f, mulatto, SC
Miranda Lavine, 12f, mulatto, SC
Hiram Lavine 10m, mulatto, SC
Perry Lavine, 8m, mulatto, SC
Margaret Lavine, 6f, mulatto, SC
Martha Lavine, 5f, mulatto, SC

Hugh McLean, 29m, mechanic, Scotland

Alexander English, 27m, farmer, SC
Harriet English 25f, SC
James English, 4m, NC
Alexander English, 2m, NC
Catherine McLean, 49f, NC
John McLean, 21m, farmer, NC
Mary McLean 18f, NC
James McLean, 16m, NC
Jennet McLean, 15f, NC
Angus McLean, 12m, NC

Christian Smith, 35f, NC
Jane Smith, 14f, NC

Drury Skipper, 25m, farmer, NC
Mary Skipper, 45f, NC
Anna Skipper, 18f, NC
Murdock Skipper, 15m, NC
Daniel Skipper, 13m, NC
Alexander Skipper, 10m, NC
Sarah Skipper, 5f, NC

Nathaniel Gibson, 44m, school teacher, NC
Thomas Gibson, 37m, NC
Stephen Gibson, 20m, farmer, NC
John Gibson, 19m, laborer, NC
Nancy Gibson, 16f, NC
Elizabeth Gibson, 13f, NC
Daniel Gibson, 11m, NC
Fanny Gibson, 8f, NC
Mary Gibson, 10f, NC
Nathan Gibson, 7m, NC
Hannah Gibson, 4f, NC
Honour Gibson, 2f, NC

Angus Gillis, 23m, farmer, NC
John Gillis, 25m, farmer, NC
Archibald Gillis, 26f, NC
Flora Gillis, 23f, NC
Abigal Gillis, 21f, NC

(illegible) Sarehes Morrison, 63f, Scotland

James Jones, 75m, laborer, NC
Mary Jones, 50f, SC
Lucy Jones, 17f, SC
Nancy Jones, 12f, SC
William Jones, 10m, SC
Lovey Jones, 7f, SC

Henry Clark, 40m, farmer, SC
Hannah Clark, 38f, SC
Obedience Clark, 17f, SC
William Clark 15m, NC
Nancy Clark 11f, SC
Mastern Clark, 9m, NC
Caroline Clark, 6f, NC
Elizabeth Clark, 4f, NC

Henry Smith, 40m, farmer, NC
Sarah Smith, 34f, NC
Daniel Smith, 17m, farmer, NC
Margaret Smith, 15f, NC
Nancy Smith, 14f, NC
Lucy Smith, 12f, NC
John Smith, 11m, NC
Ann Smith, 9f, NC
Martin Smith, 7m, NC
Malcom Smith, 5m, NC
Henry Smith, 4m, NC
Lewis Smith, 2m, NC

James Covington, 31m, farmer, NC
Francis Covington, 24f, NC Victoria Covington, 3f, NC Alexander Covington, 2m, NC Harrison Covington, 1m, NC Neill Sessons, 28m, laborer, NC #392 Nelson Stephens, 48m, farmer, SC Lucy Stephens, 37f, SC Thomas Stephens, 19m, farmer, SC Jane Stephens, 18f, NC Sarah Stephens, 10f, NC Martha Stephens, 7f, NC Ellen Stephen, 5f, NC Neill Stephens, 1m, NC #393 Eli Smith, 28m, farmer, SC Lucy Smith, 22f, NC Joseph Smith, 1m, NC #394 Aquiller Rashco, 56m, farmer, SC Nancy Rasco, 45f, NC Henry Cole, 21m, farmer, NC Jane Cole, 13f, NC #395 George McKinnon, 24m, farmer, NC Sarah McKinnon 65f, NC Sarah McKinnon, 28f, NC Eliza McKinnon, 20f, NC John Smith, 21, laborer, SC #396 John Cole, 29m, farmer, NC Martha Cole, 21f, NC Alexander Cole, 4m, NC Nancy Cole, 3/12f, NC Jacob Brigman, 53m, mulatto, farmer, NC Sallie Brigman, 53f, mulatto, SC Loice Brigman, 21f, mulatto, SC Jacob Brigman, 17m, mulatto, SC Caroline Dees, 8f, SC #398 (Here Mr. Dockery omitted dwelling #397) Daniel McInnis, 25m, farmer, NC #399 James Brigman, 24m, farmer, SC Martha Brigman, 22f, SC Julie Brigman, 1f, NC #400 James Smith, 40m, farmer, Sc Harriet Smith, 30f, SC Jane Smith, 15f, NC John Smith, 12m, Sc Caroline Smith, 10f, NC Benjamin Smith, 7m, NC Leonice? Smith, 5f, NC James Smith, 1m, NC John Monroe, 32m, laborer, NC #401 Daniel McIntosh, 70m, farmer, NC Anne McIntosh, 61f, NC Mary McIntosh, 19f, NC James McIntosh, 21m, school teacher, NC #402 Allen McKaskill, 45m, farmer, NC Norman Morrison, 21m, overseer, NC #403 Thomas Britt, 30m, meth. minister, NC Mary Britt, 17f, SC #404 Culliver Britt, 74m, farmer, NC Druney? Britt, 65f, NC James Britt, 35m, farmer, NC Dinah Britt, 20f, NC Mary Britt, 48f, NC Calvin Knight, 24m, farmer, NC William Knight, 22m, laborer, NC #405 Culliver Britt, 41m, farmer, NC Frances Britt, 46f, NC James Britt, 15m, NC Thomas Britt, 13m, SC Mary Britt, 10f, NC Henry Britt, 9m, NC #406 Henry Harrington, 57m, farmer, NC Cynthia Poole, 35f, NC #407 George Hinson, 33m, laborer, SC Mary Hinson, 32f, NC Sarah Hinson, 10f, SC Brinkley Hinson, 8m, SC Richard Hinson, 2m, SC Elasina? Hinson, 1 1/2f, SC #408 Charlotte Rye, 49f, SC #409 William Rye, 27m, farmer, NC Elizabeth Rye, 28f, NC Wesley Rye, 7m, NC Ann Rye, 5m, NC Henry Rye, 3m, NC James Rye, 1/12m, NC #410 James Hatcher, 63m, mulatto, farmer, SC Eddy Hatcher, 67f, mulatto, SC Noah Hatcher, 25m, mulatto, NC Simeon Hatcher, 22m, mulatto, NC Esther Hatcher, 20f, NC Eliza Hatcher, 17f, NC #411 Moses Knight, 27m, mulatto, laborer, NC Abigal Knight, 28f, mulatto, NC Mary Knight, 6f, NC Martha Knight, 3f, NC James Knight, 3/12m, NC #412 Flora Morrison, 56f, NC Mary Morrison, 28f, NC Nancy Morrison, 19f, NC Isabella Morrison, 18f, NC Alexander Morrison, 16m, farmer, NC Angus Morrison, 14m, NC Flora Morrison, 12f, NC #413 John Grant, 70m, mulatto, farmer, SC Penelope Grant, 60f, mulatto, NC Jackson Grant, 28m, mulatto, farmer, NC #414 Jeremiah Eady, 28m, mulatto, laborer, NC Mary Eady, 34f, mulatto, NC #415 Mathew Chavers, 69m, mulatto, farmer, NC Drusilla Chavers, 41f, mulatto, NC Sarah Chavers, 19f, mulatto, NC Wesley Chavers, 16mf, mulatto, laborer, NC #416 William Chavers, 69m, mulatto, farmer, SC Elizabeth Chavers, 75f, mulatto, NC #417 John Chavers, 52m, mulatto, farmer, NC Sarah Chavers, 38f, mulatto, NC Joseph Chavers, 15m, mulatto, NC Culliver Chavers, 12m, mulatto, NC Rachel Chavers, 75f, mulatto, NC #418 Samuel Jacobs, 24m, mulatto, laborer, NC Malinda Jacobs, 27f, mulatto, SC Robert Chavers, 1m, mulatto, NC #419 Dorothy Freeman, 32f, mulatto, NC William Freeman, 16m, laborer, NC Francina Freeman, 14f, NC David Freeman, 12m, NC Harriet Freeman, 10f, NC Emeline Freeman, 4f, NC #420 Malcom Morrison, 54m, farmer, NC Catherine Morrison 30f, NC Murdock Morrison, 22m, gun smith, NC Gilbert Morrison, 14m, NC Mary Morrison, 9f, NC John Morrison, 5m, NC Robert Morrison, 3m, NC Daniel Campbell, 35m, carpenter, NC Angus Campbell, 30m, carpenter, NC William McKaskill, 21m, laborer, NC #421 Malekiah Grant, 60m, mulatto, NC Penelope Grant, 70f, mulatto, NC Barney Grant, 28m, mulatto, farmer, NC #422 William Smith, 32m, farmer, NC Elizabeth Smith, 26f, NC Ann Smith, 10f, NC Isabella Smith, 8f, NC Penelope Smith, 6f, NC Albert Smith, 4m, NC Jane Smith 1f, NC #423 John Russ, 66m, mulatto, laborer, NC Rachel Russ, 60f, NC Catherine Russ, 30f, NC John Russ, 15m, NC #424 William Freeman, 60m, farmer, NC Mary Freeman, 47, NC John Freeman, 23m, farmer, NC William Freeman, 22m, farmer, NC James Freeman, 21m, miller, NC Samuel Freeman, 18m, farmer, NC George Freeman, 16m, farmer, NC Martha Freeman, 14f, NC Stephen Chance, 26m, whiskey pedler, NC John Henderson, 56m, school teacher, NC #425 Alexander McKinnon, 64m, farmer, Scotland Jennet McKinnon, 42f, NC Mary McKinnon, 19f, NC Rachel McKinnon, 17f, NC Angus McKinnon, 16m, farmer, NC Abigal McKinnon, 15f, NC Margaret McKinnon, 13f, NC Lovey McKinnon, 12f, NC Mary McKinnon, 9f, NC Catherine McKinnon, 8f, NC Lauchlin McKinnon, 6m, NC #426 Jeremiah Grant, 36m, mulatto, carpenter, SC Jane Grant, 30f, mulatto, NC Angelina Grant, 9f, mulatto, NC Mary Grant, 6f, mulatto, NC Daniel Grant, 4m, mulatto, NC Henry Grant, 2m, mulatto, NC #427 William Jacobs, 55m, mulatto, farmer, NC Elizabeth Jacobs, 50f, mulatto, SC Moree? Jacobs, 25m, mulatto, laborer, NC Curtis Jacobs, 17m, mulatto, laborer, NC Philus? Jacobs, 16m, mulatto, laborer, NC Andrew Jacobs, 11m, mulatto, NC Catherine Jacobs, 9f, mulatto, NC Obediah Eady, 28m, mulatto, laborer, NC Jeremiah Eady, 70m, mulatto, shoemaker, NC #428 Shadrick Jacobs, 35m, mulatto, farmer, NC Elizabeth Jacobs, 47f, mulatto, NC Ann Chavers, 18f, mulatto, NC Caledonia Chavers, 16f, mulatto, NC Ann Chavers, 14f, mulatto, NC William Chavers, 11m, mulatto, NC Desdy Jacobs, 7f, mulatto, NC Mary Jacobs, 5f, mulatto, NC #429 Meredy Jacobs, 30m, mulatto, laborer, NC Jane Jacobs, 28f, mulatto, SC Amandy Jacobs, 7f, mulatto, NC Hilliard Jacobs, 5m, mulatto, NC Brittand Jacobs, 3m, mulatto, NC William Jacobs, 2m, mulatto, NC #430 Sarah Oliver, 37f, NC John Oliver, 14m, NC #431 James Crowson, 24m, farmer, NC Martha Crowson, 33f, NC Mary Price, 14f, NC Elizabeth Price, 16f, NC Nancy Crowson, 23f, NC #432 Samuel McKethan, 49m, farmer, NC Margaret McKethan, 47, NC Marie McKethan, 19f, NC Elder McKethan, 8f, NC Julia McKethan, 1/12f, NC #433 Mastern Tailor, 50m, insane, NC #434 Alexander Martin, 60m, farmer, Scotland Sarah Martin, 50f, Scotland Nancy Johnston, 16f, NC #435 Washington Dawkins, 23m, farmer, NC Nancy Dawkins, 28f, NC Jincy Dawkins, 4f, NC Jane Dawkins, 3f, NC Israel Dawkins, 7m, NC #436 Elijah Long, 47m, farmer, NC Martha Long, 40fm, NC Benjamin Long, 20m, farmer, NC Richmond Long, 18m, farmer, NC John Long, 16m, farmer, NC Perry Long, 15m, NC Edith Long, 12f, NC Louise Long, 10f, NC Susan Long, 8f, NC Margaret Long, 7, NC Caroline Long, 5f, NC Mahala Long, 3f, NC Adeline Long, 6/12f, NC #437 Sarah Dawkins, 65f, pauper, Georgia Demorius? Long, 36f, NC Nancy Gynn, 36f, NC Judith Watkins, 10f, NC #438 Mial Long, 44m, farmer, NC Mourning Long, 38f, NC Martha Long, 18f, NC James Long, 15m, NC Jane Long, 11f, NC July Long, 8f, NC Mary Long, 5f, NC Elizabeth Long, 3f, NC #439 Henry Fitzgerald, 75m, shoemaker, pauper, SC Ceice?, Fitzgerald, 65f, NC Frances Fitzgerald, 18f, NC #440 Younger Newton, 30m, farmer, NC Mary Newton, 32f, NC Loveda Newton, 13f, NC Sarah Newton, 10f, NC Permelia Newton, 7f, NC Benjamin Newton, 5m, NC Julia Newton, 1f, NC #441 Randel Locklier, 45m, mulatto, carpenter, NC Harriet Locklier, 22f, mulatto, NC Frances Mumphred, 20f, mulatto, NC Harrison Locklier, 7m, mulatto, NC Margaret Locklier, 5f, mulatto, NC Alexander Locklier, 4m, mulatto, NC Edmond Locklier, 1m, mulatto, NC #442 James Skipper, 43m, mulatto, carpenter, NC Frances Skipper, 42f, mulatto, NC Mary Skipper, 16f, mulatto, NC Thomas Skipper, 11m, mulatto, NC James Skipper, 9m, mulatto, NC Curtis Skipper, 7m, mulatto, NC Martha Skipper, 5f, mulatto, NC Charles Skipper, 3m, mulatto, NC Sallie Skipper, 1f, mulatto, NC #443 Samuel Jacobs, 52m, mulatto, farmer, NC Nancy Jacobs, 50f, mulatto, NC Julian Jacobs, 20f, mulatto, NC Archibald Jacobs, 16m, mulatto, laborer, NC Asbery Jacobs, 13m, mulatto, Georgia Henry Bone, 12m, mulatto, NC #444 Morgan Tailor, 45m, farmer, NC Jane Tailor, 45f, NC Alexander Tailor, 21m, farmer, NC William Tailor, 14m, NC Richmond Tailor, 12m, NC Howard Tailor, 9m, NC James Tailor, 7m, NC #445 John Tailor, 54m, farmer, NC Jane Tailor, 60f, NC Wyatt Tailor, 25m, farmer, NC Julia Tailor, 21f, NC Elizabeth Tailor, 18f, NC Louise Tailor, 14f, NC John Tailor, 21m, farmer, NC #446 Alley Hunt, 74f, pauper, NC #447 Daniel Morrison, 39m, farmer, NC Christian Morrison, 30f, NC Margaret Morrison, 48f, Scotland #448 Flora Morrison, 49f, Scotland Norman Morrison, 12m, NC Malcom Morrison, 10m, NC John Morrison, 8m, NC Daniel Morrison, 4m, NC #449 Flora McLeod, 75f, pauper, NC Catherine McLeod, 43f, NC Mary McLeod, 35f, NC Sarah McLeod, 18f, NC Mary McLeod, 10f, NC Eliza McLeod, 14f, NC Alexander McLeod, 9m, NC #450 Noah Jacobs, 25m, mulatto, laborer, NC Tabitha Jacobs, 24f, NC Daniel Poe, 7m, NC #451 Isaac Hall, 49m, farmer, NC Martha Hall, 44f, NC Rebecca Hall, 20f, NC Ann Hall, 18f, NC William Hall, 18m, laborer, NC Isaac Hall, 15m, NC Joel Hall, 13m, NC Sarah Hall, 11f, NC Henrietta Hall, 6f, NC Lucille Hall, 6f, NC Daniel Hall, 1m, NC #452 John Yates, 33m, farmer, NC Ann Yates, 30f, NC Emeline Yates, 10f, NC Hiram Yates, 9m, NC Jesse Yates, 7m, NC William Yates, 3m, NC Susan Yates, 2f, NC #453 William Sanderford, 27m, farmer, NC Martha Sanderford, 22f, NC Martha Sanderford, 6/12f, NC #454 Leroy Farmer, 27m, laborer, NC Elizabeth Farmer, 35f, NC William Farmer, 10m, NC Charlotte Farmer, 9f, NC Robert Farmer, 6m, NC Calvin Farmer, 2m, NC James Farmer, 6/12m, NC #455 Joseph Peevy, 25m, mulatto, laborer, NC Hannah Peevy, 22, NC Berthey Peevy, 2m, NC Jane Peevy, 4/12f, NC #456 George Tailor, 18m, laborer, NC Elizabeth Tailor, 26f, NC #457 John Stogner, 27m, overseer, NC Mary Stogner, 26f, NC James Stogner, 5m, NC Isaac Stogner, 2m, NC #458 John Cameron, 37m, law[y]er, NC Caroline Cameron, 28f, NC William Cameron, 4m, NC Mary Cameron, 3f, NC John Cameron, 1m, NC William Cameron, 25m, farmer, NC John Love, 21m, mulatto, laborer, NC #459 Delily Cole, 61f, NC James Cole, 28m, farmer, NC Martha Cole, 25f, NC Harriet Cole, 23f, NC #460 Ann Stricklin, 51f, SC Louis Thomas, 30m, SC Jane Thomas, 28f, NC Logan Thomas, 2m, NC Seth Stricklin, 21m, farmer, NC Laura Stricklin, 18f, NC #461 Nancy Nicholson, 42f, NC John Nicholson, 16m, farmer, NC Daniel Nicholson, 14m, NC James Nicholson 10m, NC #462 Benjamin Covington, 37m, farmer, NC Mary Ann Covington, 21f, SC Harrison Covington, 2m, NC Julian Covington 4/12m, NC #463 Curzy? Hadley, 44f, NC Hampton Hadley, 21m, farmer, NC John Hadley, 16, laborer, NC Mary Hadley, 13f, NC Martha Hadley, 9f, NC #464 Stephen Covington, 33m, farmer, NC #465 William Paul, 37m, farmer, NC Sarah Paul, 18f, NC Jarius? Paul, 14m, NC Hampton Paul, 7m, NC Stephen Paul, 3/12m, NC William Paul, 9m, NC #466 Virginia Covington, 28f, Virginia Edward Covington, 4m, NC Carolina Covington, 2f, NC #467 Thomas Covington, 31m, farmer, NC #468 William Powell, 57m, farmer, NC Ann Powell, 46f, NC David Powell, 17m, farmer, NC William Powell, 16m, farmer, NC Walter Powell, 13m, NC Ambrose Powell, 9m, NC #469 Sarah McAllister, 55f, NC Sarah McAllister, 13f, NC Mary Hanly, 17f, NC John Paul, 8m, NC #470 William Barnes, 8m, overseer, NC Jane Barnes, 36f, SC William Barnes, 4m, NC Margaret Barnes, 3f, NC Mosely Barnes, 2m, NC Picket Barnes, 3/12m, NC Esther Williams, 70f, NC Sarah McDonald 18f, NC #471 John Covington, 40m, farmer, NC #472 Daniel Morris, 21m, overseer, NC #473 Charlotte Mathews, 62f, SC Martha Mathews, 43f, NC Coleman Mathews, 42m, farmer, NC Eliza Mathews, 24f, NC John Dees, 20m, farmer, NC Margaret Dees, 14f, NC Eli Tailor, 14m, NC #474 Nancy Bose, 53f, NC Hampton Bose, 15m, NC #475 Thomas Sessoms, 24m, laborer, NC Mary Sessoms, 29f, NC Neill Sessoms, 21m, NC Charity Sessoms, 12f, mulatto, NC Lucy Sessoms, 8f, mulatto, NC Martha Sessoms, 4f, mulatto, NC Stephen Sessoms, 75m, mulatto, NC #476 Ervin Love, 35m, black, laborer, NC Charity Love, 40f, mulatto, NC Isaac Love, 16m, mulatto, laborer, NC Henry Love, 14m, black, NC James Love, 12m, black, NC Louis Love, 8m, black, NC Sallie Freeman, 60f, mulatto, NC Thomas Love, 5m, black, NC #477 Abigail McKinnon, 47f, NC Catherine McKinnon, 23f, NC Nancy McKinnon, 21f, NC Neill McKinnon, 18m, farmer, NC Sarah McKinnon, 16f, NC Charles McKinnon, 13m, NC #478 Mark Yates, 36m, laborer, NC Ann Yates, 26f, NC James Yates 5m, NC Malcom Yates, 4m, NC Nancy Yates, 2f, NC #479 Emeline Jackson, 38f, black, NC Elizabeth Jackson, 17f, black, NC Ann Jackson 11f, black, NC Benjamin Jackson, 9f, black, NC Catherine Jackson, 7f, black, NC Cornelia Jackson, 5f, black, NC Todd Jackson, 2m, black, NC #480 Melvin Peevy, 28m, mulatto, farmer, NC Martha Peevy, 26f, NC Elizabeth Peevy, 3f, mulatto, NC Frances Peevy, 1f, mulatto, NC Mitchell? Peevy, 24m, farmer Martha Yates, 60f, Virginia #481 William Cole, 40m, farmer, SC Jane Cole, 35f, NC William Cole, 16m, student, NC John Cole, 12m, NC Alexander Cole, 10m, NC Elizabeth Cole, 8f, NC Harriet Cole, 6f, NC Edward Cole, 4m, NC Frances Cole, 3f, NC Martha Cole, 1f, NC William Hicks, 28m, carpenter, NC #482 John Shortridge, 32m, super intendant, Rhode Island Mary Shortridge, 32f, Rhode Island Mary Shortridge, 10f, Rhode Island John Shortridge, 9m, Rhode Island Ann Shortridge, 4f, NC Margaret Shortridge, 2f, NC Louis Shortridge, 4/12m, NC #483 Duncan McIntyre, 54m, school teacher, NC Emeline McIntyre, 38f, SC Nancy McIntyre, 17f, SC Catherine McIntyre, 16f, SC Sarah McIntyre, 13f, SC Mary McIntyre, 10f, NC Margaret McIntyre, 8f, NC #484 Susan Hilliard, 45f, NC Martha Hilliard, 22f, NC Martha Birmingham, 21f, NC Nancy Ragsdale, 21f, NC Susan Ragsdale, 21f, NC Miranda Jackson, 12f, black, NC #485 John Smith, 38m, shoemaker, NC Nancy Smith 51f, NC Judith Smith 25f, NC Elizabeth Smith, 18f, NC Senith Smith, 17f, NC Benjamin Smith, 14m, NC Zebedee Smith, 10m, NC Meranda Dees, 17f, NC Nathan Newby, 18m, laborer, NC © Copyright February 9, 2002 by Myrtle N. 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