1850 Census - Richmond County, NC
Williamson District

Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in Williamson District in the County of Richmond, State of N. Carolina enumerated by me, on the 24th day of August 1850. John M. Dockery, Ass't Marshal.
Dwelling house #285
Margaret McNair, 63f, NC
Flora McNair, 50f, NC

Angus Campbell, 36m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Campbell, 36f, NC
Christian Buchanan, 66f, NC
Winna Quick, 21f, mulatto, SC

Isabella Campbell, 48f, NC
Christian Campbell, 12f, NC
Hugh McCormick, 49m, laborer, NC

Lewis Pate, 30m, farmer, NC
Sarah Pate, 33f, NC
Eldridge Pate, 9m, NC
Alexander Pate, 7m, NC
Simeon Pate, 5m, NC
Catherine Pate, 3f, NC
Infant Pate, 3/12m, NC

Sarah McLaurin, 35f, NC
Richmond Oliver, 70m, NC
Catherine Oliver, 50f, Scotland
Eliza Taylor, 24f, NC
John Oliver, 15m, laborer, NC

Nelson Gibson, 25m, farmer, NC
Nancy Gibson, 22f, NC

Luke Gibson, 78m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Gibson, 56f, NC
Charlotte Gibson, 38f, NC

John Monroe, 46m, Bapt. minister, NC
Sarah Monroe, 46f, Scotland
Robert Monroe, 18m, school teacher, NC
Flora Monroe, 16f, NC
Catherine Monroe, 12f, NC
Sarah Monroe, 9f, NC
John Monroe, 7m, NC
Daniel Monroe, 5m, NC
Flora McMillan, 58f, Scotland
Catherine McMillan, 48f, Scotland
Daniel Rachels, 2m, NC

John Graham, 37m, farmer, NC
Catherine Graham 25f, NC
Mary McGregor, 16f, NC
John McGregor, 13m, NC

Daniel Campbell, 65m, farmer, Scotland
Sarah Campbell, 65f, Scotland
Robert Campbell, 16m, NC

#296 (Dwelling #295 has been omitted in original census)
Daniel McNeill, 59m, farmer, NC
Sarah McNeill, 52f, Scotland
John McNeill, 21m, laborer, NC
James McNeill, 19m, laborer, NC
Mary McNeill, 16f, NC
Daniel McNeill 11m, NC

John McNeill, 30m, laborer, NC
Archibald McNeill, 26m, farmer, NC
Daniel McNeill, 19m, laborer, NC
Duncan McNeill, 14m, NC
Ann McNeill, 12f, NC
Christian McNeill, 59f, Scotland
Mary McNeill, 40f, NC
Archibald McNeill, 21f, NC
Christian McNeill 18f, NC
Jane McNeill, 14f, NC

Elizabeth McLean, 52f, NC
Catherine McLean, 26f, NC
Flora McLean, 27f, NC
Effie McLean, 15f, NC

Luke Woodard, 32m, laborer
Rachel Woodard, 28f, NC
Harriet Woodard, 29f, NC
George Woodard, 23m, NC
Eliza Woodard, 21f, NC
Thomas Loyd, 11m, NC

Duncan McMillan, 40m, farmer, NC
Sallie McMillan, 37f, NC
Martha McMillan, 10f, NC
Malcom McMillan 8m, NC
Peter McMillan, 7m, NC
Daniel McMillan, 5m, NC
Mary McMillan, 3f, NC
Margaret McMillan, 35f, NC
John Beasly, 16m, laborer, NC

Sterling Rachels, 21m, farmer, NC
Huldah Rachels, 32f, NC
Miranna Norton, 8f, NC

Betsy Smith 47f, NC
Jane Smith, 22f, NC
Christian Norton, 22f, NC
Margaret Norton, 3f, NC
Merriam Norton, 1f, NC
Sary Norton, 14f, NC

John Sneed, 24m, laborer, NC
Mary Sneed, 24f, NC

Daniel McLaughlin, 45m, farmer, NC
Catherine Brown, 16f, NC

Mathew McNair, 43m, merchant, NC
Martha McNair, 29f, SC
Neill McNair, 14m, NC
Julia McNair, 12f, NC
William McNair, 10m, NC
Martha McNair, 8f, NC
John McNair, 6m, NC
Samuel McNair, 4m, NC
Archibald McNair, 2m, NC
Thomas McNair, 6/12m, NC
Jeptha Gibson, 23m, overseer, NC
James McColeman, 26m, merchant, NC

Neill McNair, 77m, farmer, NC
Jane McNair, 50f, NC
Harriet McNair, 17f, NC
Miriam McNair, 15f, SC
Archibald Patterson, 35m, physician, NC
John McNair, 32m, farmer, NC

John Smith, 45m, schoolteacher, NC
Margaret Smith, 16f, NC
Ann Smith, 14f, NC
Neill Smith, 12m, NC
Caroline Smith, 10f, NC
Alexander Smith, 6m, NC
William Smith, 2m, NC

James Smith, 47m, farmer, NC
(illegible) Lenula? Smith, 32f, NC
Elizabeth Smith, 14f, NC
William Smith, 12m, NC
Simeon Smith, 10m, NC
Thomas Smith, 8m, NC
Margaret Smith, 6f, NC
Jane Smith, 4f, NC
Charles Smith 1 1/2m, NC
Malcom Smith 23m, laborer, NC
Authur Smith, 20m, laborer, NC

Wesley Norton, 35m, mulatto, laborer, NC
Ann Norton, 22f, mulatto, NC

Troy Breedin, 22m, farmer, SC
Catherine Breedin, 30f, NC

Daniel Smith, 52m, farmer, NC
Lydia Smith, 45f, NC
John Smith, 21m, farmer, NC
Rebecca Smith, 14f, NC
Charlotte Smith, 10f, NC
Daniel Smith, 7m, NC

Thomas Gibson, 45m, Meth. minister, NC
Agnes Gibson, 44f, NC
John Gibson, 18m, farmer, NC
Mitchel Fisher, 30m, NC
Christian Hasty, 76f, NC

William Bailey, 36m, laborer, NC
Maria Bailey, 36f, NC

James Smith, 35m, laborer, NC
Elizabeth Smith, 25f, NC
John Smith, 7m, NC
Benjamin Scott, 5m, mulatto, NC

Stafford Gibson, 43m, farmer, NC
Rachel Gibson, 39f, NC
William Gibson, 19m, farmer, NC
Stafford Gibson, 17m, farmer, NC
Thomas Gibson, 15m, laborer, NC
Ann Gibson, 12f, NC
Nathaniel Gibson, 7m, NC
Rachel Gibson, 5f, NC
Elijah Gibson, 2m, NC
James Smith, 69m, none, NC

Hugh Brown, 58m, farmer, SC
Sarah Brown, 47f, NC
Alexander Brown, 26m, farmer, NC
Nelson Brown, 22m, farmer, NC
Rebecca Brown, 18f, NC
Stephen Brown, 16m, farmer, NC
Joshua Brown, 14m, NC
Sallie Brown, 12f, NC
Neill Brown, 10m, NC
Dicey Brown, 8f, NC
Frances Brown, 6m, NC
Harrison Brown, 1m, NC

William Gibson, 54m, farmer, NC
Sarah Gibson, 48f, NC
Plesant Gibson, 20m, farmer, NC
Ziba Gibson, 19m, farmer, NC
William Gibson, 16m, farmer, NC
Caroline Gibson, 12f, NC
Nelson Gibson, 11m, NC

Thomas Wright, 50m, farmer, NC
Nancy Wright, 40f, NC
Daniel Wright, 22m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Wright, 20f, NC
George Wright, 17m, farmer, NC
Ellerbe Wright, 15m, NC
Jackson Wright, 14m, NC
Ellenoire Wright, 10f, NC
Thomas Wright, 8m, NC

Mary Sneed, 52f, NC
Gilbert Sneed, 19m, farmer, NC
Mary Sneed, 11f, NC
William Sneed, 7m, NC
Daniel Sneed, 30m, laborer, NC
Garland Sneed, 22m, laborer, NC
Chloe Williamson, 59f, NC
Catherine Williamson, 30f, NC
Jane Williamson, 16f, NC
Frank Williamson, 20m, laborer
Mary Wallace, 9f, NC

Rebecca Brown, 53f, NC
Ann Brown, 27f, NC
Andrew Brown, 25m, farmer, NC
Sarah Brown, 23f, NC
Mary Brown, 21f, NC
Daniel Brown, 19m, farmer, NC
John Brown, 18m, farmer, NC
Henly Brown, 15m, NC
Jane Brown, 14f, NC
Rebecca Brown, 11f, NC

John Wright, 28m, farmer, NC
Piety Wright, 25f, NC
George Wright 7m, NC
Lucy Wright, 5f, NC
William Wright, 2m, NC

#322 (Here the enumerator has repeats dwelling #322)
Lucy Wright, 50f, NC
Samuel Wright, 8m, NC
Lucy Wright, 6f, NC
George Wright, 21m, laborer, NC

Mary Brown, 46f, NC
Martha Brown, 44f, NC
Nancy Brown, 42f, NC
Martha Brown, 17f, NC
Laura Brown, 14f, NC
Miles Norton, 4m, NC

Wilson Brown, 50m, farmer, NC
Jennet Brown, 24f, NC
Effie Brown, 16f, NC

David Norton, 59m, farmer, NC
Christian Norton, 23f, NC
Sarah Norton 18f, NC
William Wallace, 8m, NC

Thomas Beasly, 32m, farmer, NC
Margaret Beasly, 25f, NC
Daniel Beasley, 1m, NC
Ann Wallace, 7f, NC
Elijah Wellington, 55m, mechanic, NC

Gilbert McNeill, 32m, farmer, NC
Catherine McNeill, 25f, NC
Margaret McNeill 2f, NC

John Rachels, 56m, laborer, NC
Elizabeth Rachels, 56f, NC

Warner Chance, 70m, farmer, NC
Harriet Chance, 37f, NC

William Chance, 31m, farmer, NC
Jane Chance, 35f, NC
Elizabeth Chance, 8f, NC
William Chance, 4m, NC
Ann Chance, 1f, NC
Daniel Wright, 16m, laborer, NC

Warner Chance, 35m, farmer, NC
Ann Chance, 30f, NC
Sarah Chance, 10f, NC
John Chance, 7m, NC
Cornelus Chance, 4m, NC
Agnes Chance, 2f, NC

Richard Chance, 36m, tailor, NC
Jane Chance, 25f, NC
Henry Chance, 7m, NC
Ann Chance, 4f, NC

Miriam Beesley, 31f, NC
Daniel Beesley, 16m, laborer, NC
Margaret Beesley, 8f, NC
Charles Beesley, 4m, NC
James Beesley, 1m, NC
Margaret Beesley 22f, NC
John Beesley 3m, NC
James Beesley 2m, NC

Sarah Beesley, 57f, NC
Barbary Beesley, 27f, NC
Celia Beesley, 26f, NC
Nicholas Beesley, 24m, NC
Andrew Beesley, 21m, NC
Jane Beesley, 17f, NC
Cameron Beesley, 10m, NC
William Beesley, 3m, NC
Neill Beesley, 8m, NC

Wilson Williamson, 48m, laborer, NC
Mary Williamson, 45f, NC
Emeline Williamson, 23f, NC
Daniel Williamson, 21m, insane, NC
Mary Williamson, 5f, NC
Caroline Williamson, 2f, NC

Lydia Smith, 45f, NC
Drusilla Newton, 26f, insane, NC
Laura Graham, 32f, NC
William Graham, 16m, farmer, NC
Clemson Smith, 14m, NC
Cameron Smith, 18m, NC
Mary Smith, 18f, NC

Albert Wright, 26m, farmer, NC
Zabra Wright, 21f, NC
Milton Wright, 9m, NC
Simeon Wright, 3m, NC
Hamilton Wright, 1m, NC  Cameron Hamilton Wright born July 22, 1849 was the son of Albert and Sabra Wright. He died 
Feb 09, 1928 after being struck by an automobile in Raeford, Hoke County. The 78 year of widower is buried in Phillipi Cemetery.

George Wright, 50m, farmer, NC
Sobriety Wright, 20f, NC
Rebecca Wright, 15f, NC
William Wright, 16m, farmer, NC
Mary Wright, 14f, NC
James Wright, 12m, NC
Emily Wright, 8f, NC

Elijah Gibson, 22m, farmer, NC
Thomas Gibson, 27m, laborer, NC
Mary Gibson, 20f, NC
Benjamin Gibson, 1m, NC
Debby Pikes, 50f, pauper, NC

Elijah Pate, 59m, farmer, NC
Mary Pate, 43f, NC
Jane Pate, 14f, NC
Sarah Pate, 18f, NC
Stephen Pate, 11m, NC
Mary Pate, 8f, NC
Martha Pate, 6f, NC
Ann Pate, 4f, NC
Hannah Pate, 1f, NC
Kenneth Campbell, 45m, laborer, NC
Charles Loyd, 35, NC

Pearce Gibson, 36m, farmer, NC
Caroline Gibson, 30f, NC
Zimery Gibson, 5m, NC
John Gibson, 3m, NC
Clem Smith, 12m, NC

Eli Gibson, 25m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Gibson, 20f, SC
Daniel Gibson, 1m, NC
Elishua, 22m, laborer, NC

Peter Caulder, 27m, laborer, NC
Elizabeth Caulder, 27f, NC
Sarah Caulder, 8f, NC
Nancy Caulder, 6f, NC
Benjamin Caulder, 4m, NC
Hannah Caulder, 2f, NC

William Gibson, 29m, farmer, NC
Catherine Gibson, 28f, NC
Duncan Gibson, 7m, NC
Elizabeth Gibson, 5f, NC
Nathaniel Gibson, 2m, NC

Drusilla Bullard, 26f, NC
Charles Bullard, 15m, NC
Henry Bullard, 9m, NC
George Bullard, 6m, NC
Frances Bullard, 4f, NC
Thomas Bullard, 2m, NC

Reuben Walters, 39m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Walters, 32f, NC
(illegible) Beara? Walters, 7m, NC
Metilda Walters, 5f, NC
Reuben Walters, 3m, NC
Mary Walters, 75f, SC

Ziba Gibson, 39m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Gibson, 21f, SC
Raiford Gibson, 2m, NC
Nathan Gibson 6/12m, NC

Noah Gibson, 39m, merchant, NC
Julia Gibson, 37f, SC
John Gibson, 5m, NC
Anne Gibson, 6f, NC
Frances Gibson, 4f, NC
Henry Gibson, 2m, NC
William Gibson 6/12m, NC
Laughlin McLaurin, 34m, clerk, NC
Joel Bullard, 24m, laborer, NC

John Caulder, 60m, laborer, SC
Hannah Caulder, 50f, NC
Alexander Caulder, 21m, laborer, NC
Mary Caulder, 22f, NC
John Caulder, 19m, NC
William Caulder, 12m, NC
James Caulder 7m, NC

Nelson Gibson, 28m, farmer, NC
Caroline Gibson 22f, SC
Elizabeth Gibson, 4f, NC
Isaac Gibson 2m, NC
Mary Gibson 6/12f, NC

Agnes Bryant, 40f, NC
Charlotte Bryant 11f, NC

Nancy Gibson, 66f, NC
Darby Gibson, 25m, farmer, NC
John Gibson, 27m, laborer, NC
John Norton, 10m, NC
Jane Brigman, 17f, NC

Thomas Quick, 28m, laborer, NC
John Quick, 17m, laborer, NC

Lydia Wright, 80f, NC
Mary Wright, 20f, NC
James Wright, 8m, NC
Rachel Wright, 5f, NC
Zabra Wright, 7f, NC

Isaac Williamson, 45m, carpenter, NC
Elizabeth Williamson, 35f, NC
Rebecca Williamson, 17f, NC
Malinda Williamson, 15f, NC
John Williamson, 12m, NC
James Williamson, 8m, NC
Julia Williamson, 6f, NC
Eli Williamson 1m, NC

Hugh Livingston, 47m, farmer, NC
Mary Livingston, 32f, NC
Charles Livingston, 11m, NC
Anne Livingston, 10f, NC
John Livingston, 7m, NC
Duncan Livingston, 6m, NC
Mary Livingston 4f, NC
Martha Livingston 1f, NC

Duncan Smith, 30m, farmer, SC
jane Smith, 26f, NC
William Smith, 9m, NC
Miranda Smith 8f, NC
Robertson Smith, 6m, NC
Ann Smith 21f, NC
Sarah Smith 2f, NC
Anderson Gyun, 18m, laborer, SC
Noah Clark, 12m, SC

John Covington, 24m, farmer, NC
Martha Covington, 19f, NC
Margaret Covington, 3f, NC
Matilda Covington 2f, NC
Milton Scott, 17m, laborer, NC

Mathew Norton, 60m, mulatto, farmer, Virginia
Martha Norton, 48f, mulatto, NC
Elizabeth Norton 18f, mulatto, NC
Nancy Norton, 16f, mulatto, NC
James Norton 11m, mulatto, NC
Daviel Norton, 8m, mulatto, NC
David Norton, 6m, mulatto, NC
John Norton, 5m, mulatto, NC

Benjamin Scott, 53m, mulatto, pauper, NC
Clouisy Scott, 48f, mulatto, NC
Sarah Scott, 6f, mulatto, NC
Mirandy Scott, 4f, mulatto, NC

(Illegible)Drasey Norton, 80f, mulatto, Virginia
Stephen Norton, 29m, mulatto, laborer, NC

Alexander Norton, 23m, mulatto, farmer, NC
Anna Dees, 18f, SC

Henry Covington, 71m, meth. minister, NC
Elizabeth Covington, 47f, NC
Henry Covington, 16m, farmer, NC
Anderson Smith, 17m, NC
Alexander Smith, 14m, NC
Rebecca Hodges, 77f, Virginia

Colson Stern, 25m, farmer, SC
Elizabeth Stern, 19f, SC

Samuel Goodwin, 65m, farmer, SC
Frances Goodwin, 20f, NC

Daniel Skipper, 36m, farmer, SC
Julia Skipper, 26f, NC
Harris Skipper, 3m, SC
Mary Skipper, 1f, NC

George Parker, 47m, farmer, SC
Nancy Parker, 47f, NC
Jemima Parker, 18f, SC
Laura Parker, 16, SC
Mary Parker, 10, NC
Peter Parker, 18m, laborer, SC
Mary Parker, 16f, NC
Eli Steen, 20m, laborer, SC
Jane Steen, 19f, SC

Samuel Pate, 90m, farmer, NC
Martha Pate, 60, NC

James Barrentine, 47m, farmer, SC
Rebecca Barrentine, 26f, NC
Jane Barrentine, 22f, NC
Stephen Barrentine, 19m, farmer, NC
Phillip Barrentine, 16m, NC
Charles Barrentine 14m, NC

Cylas Barrentine, 28m, farmer, SC
Rachel Barrentine, 24, NC

Phillip Walters, 30m, laborer, pauper, SC
Catherine Walters, 21f, NC
Margaret Walters, 7f, NC
James Walters, 5m, NC
Jane Walters, 3f, NC
John Walters, 77m, laborer, SC

John Smith, 72m, farmer, SC
Jane Smith, 50f, SC
Mary Smith 21f, NC
Martha Smith, 16f, NC
Matilda Smith 14f, NC
Maranda Smith, 12f, NC
Sarah Smith, 10f, NC
Peter Smith 5m, NC

Nancy McPherson, 70f, Scotland
Isabella McPherson, 35f, NC
Catherine McPherson, 33f, NC
Nancy McPherson, 30f, NC

Samuel McPherson, 44m, mulatto, laborer, SC
Martha McPherson, 45f, mulatto, SC
Washington McPherson 10m, mulatto, SC
Sarah McPherson 8f, mulatto, SC
Gadi McPherson, 6m, mulatto, SC
James McPherson 4m, mulatto, SC

Charles Smith, 45m, farmer, SC
Abigal Smith, 26f, NC
Julia Smith, 10f, SC
John Smith 7m, SC
Jane Smith, 6f, NC
Martha Smith, 2f, NC

Alexander McKinnon, 81m, farmer, Scotland
Margaret McKinnon 67f, NC
Jane McKinnon, 24f, NC

Samuel Hodges, 32m, farmer, SC
Laura Hodges, 25f, SC
William Hodges, 55m, laborer, SC
Elizabeth Hodges, 50f, SC
Alexander Hodges, 4m, NC
Marie Hodges, 2f, NC

© Copyright February 9, 2002 by Myrtle N. Bridges

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